Phosphor in Glass

Phosphor in Glass


Glass sealing of phosphor realizes the use in high-power LED and laser sources.

Using glass as a binder, Phosphor in Glass has less thermal degradation and discoloration compared to conventional resin binder phosphor. All-inorganic materials withstand the use in high-power LED and laser light source.

1. Various product types
We can offer several product types based on customer’s application and cost image.
・Plate type (sintered substrate)
・Screen printing type(Phosphor in glass paste is printed on the substrate)
・Glass powder

2. Customization
We will adjust the color temperature, chromaticity, etc. according to your needs.
Our phosphor in glass can be used in transmissive and reflective optical system.

3. high reliability
Excellent heat resistance and durability by using all-inorganic material.

・ Automotive lighting (headlamp, fog lamp, rear combination lamp etc.)
・ LED/LD special lighting
・ Laser projector