Environmental policy

Environmental policy

Integration policy of quality and environment

[Corporate philosophy]

We will lead “Scientific Optics Age” through our “New Glass” and “Thin film” technologies and keep providing inspired products and services for the clients in the world.

[Environmental philosophy]

We recognize global environmental problem is widely dealt with, and promote business maximally considering environmental protection by production of eco-friendly glass.

[Quality and environmental policy]

  1. As well as we offer products satisfying requirement of customers, we devote ourselves to improve satisfaction of customers and environmental protection, and we promote continuous improvement of efficacy of Integrate Management System(IMS), which meets required prescription of ISO9001 and ISO14001.
  2. We comply loyal regulation and other requirement we agreed.
  3. When establishing object or aim, following description is noted.
    ・ Requirement of customers, saving sources and energy, prevention of pollution, reduction of wastage, and optimized management of chemical materials.
  4. We set a target and review it regularly in each division and levels.
  5. We completely notify integrate policy to all of the employees relating with IMS, and enhance recognition of quality and environmental protection by optimized education and discipline, which enable full participation.
  6. On request of disclosure of integrate policy, we will correspond to it.