Anti-Reflection Coating (AR coating)

Anti-Reflection Coating (AR coating)

Due to the difference in refractive index between glass and air, the light incident on the glass and a part of the light emitted from the glass are reflected.

AR coating can prevent the light reflection and increase transmittance of the glass and can be used for preventing reflection on the display and reducing the reflection loss of various optical components.

Coating curved surfaces such as lenses is also avairable.

1. Designed according to the selected wavelength band from ultraviolet to far infrared
2. Multi-coating with excellent heat resistance and UV resistance
3. Highly dense antireflection film can be formed by ion-assisted thin-film deposition (IAD).
4. Single-layer AR coating for resins with low heat resistance (acrylic, etc.) is also possible.

・ Prevention of reflection on the display
・ Improved performance of image sensors and LiDAR
・ Anti-reflection of optical elements and semiconductor elements