Medium-Infrared / Far-Infrared Filter

Medium-Infrared / Far-Infrared Filter

A filter that transmits light from mid infrared (3 to 8 μm) to far infrared (8 to 15 μm).

Light of 3 to 6 μm is often used mainly for gas detection and infrared heaters.  8 to 15 μm band is used for thermography and infrared cameras by detecting the light emitted by the human body temperature.

In the 3 to 15 μm band, glass and resin do not transmit light, so materials such as Si (silicon), Ge (germanium), and chalcogenide glass are used as the substrate.

1. Control the transmittance and reflectance in a wide band of medium and far infrared rays
2. Improved transmittance of window materials
3. Cut unnecessary light that causes noise
4. Optimal for sensors and camera filters used for temperature measurement

・ Thermography, temperature sensor
・ Human detecting sensor, infrared camera, night vision security camera
・ Gas detection filter
・ Various sensors (infrared sensing, etc.)