High durable silver coating mirror “Hi-Silver®”

High durable silver coating mirror “Hi-Silver®”

We developed highly durable silver mirror “Hi-Silver®”.
“Hi-Silver®” is a highly reflective mirror with excellent sulfurization resistance and high durability even in high temperature environments.

Silver mirrors especially have high reflectance at wide wavelength from visible light to infrared light among metal coated mirrors, so that can be used in a various applications.

1. Industry-leading durability by protection coating with patented technology
2. Silver corrosion does not be spread even if scratched
3. Low polarization dependence, low angle dependence
4. High reflection at IR wavelength. Suitable for replacement from Au / gold mirror

・ Heat resistance: 300℃/2000h
・ High temp. & humidity: 60℃、90%/2000h
・ Cycle test: -40℃⇔85℃/1000 cycles
・ Sulfide gas resistance: Hydrogen sulfide 10ppm・24h
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・ Polygon mirror for LiDAR, 3D scanner
・ Projector
・ Medical lighting
・ Sensors (Infrared sensing)