UV Reflective Resist Ink

UV Reflective Resist Ink

*Due to the unstable supply of  raw materials used in this product, we have temporarily suspended accepting new inquiries. We will resume accepting enquiries as soon as the stable procurement of the raw materials has been confirmed. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.

High efficient “diffuse” reflective resist ink for UV wavelength 250-400nm.
We have 2 types of ink lineups in different wavelength.
・ Hi-UVC® (for 250-280nm applications)
・ Hi-UVA/B (for 300-400nm applications)

OGC resist ink has a high reflectance especially around 265nm, which is effective for a use of sterilizing purpose.
We provide thermal curing ink (main + agent) for screen printing on your own. Printing service is also avaiable.

Diffuse Reflectance
・ Hi-UVC®   >90% @265nm
・ Hi-UVA/B   >85% @365nm
・ Heat resistance: Reflectance decrease of less than 5% at 200℃, 2000hours
・ High temperature and humidity: Reflectance decrease of less than 5% at 60℃/RH90%, 2000hours
・ UV resistance: Reflectance decrease of less than 5% at 26mW/cm2, 270nm/2000hours

・ UV LED COB insulated reflection coating
・ Medical equipment and home appliance with UV sterilization unit
・ Air cleaner with UV sterilization unit

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