3D Shaped Glass Lens -G-injection®-

3D Shaped Glass Lens -G-injection®-


Integrally molded glass lens by the original press method “G-injection ®” that injects and molds molten glass.
Double-sided and  multi-sided lenses can be manufactured without processing.
It is also possible to realize complex 3D shaped lenses that cannot be manufactured by polishing.

By increasing the degree of freedom in lens shape, multiple lens functions can be integrated into a single lens that creates freedom in application design such as miniaturization.

This is ideal solution for a lens and light guide for ADB headlamps and a lens for high-power LEDs and laser light sources.

Also it is recommended as a replacement from plastic lenses for solution of heat and outgas problems.

Feasible shape examples
・ Complex 3D shaped lens
・ Double-sided aspherical lens
・ Double-sided micro lens array
・ Aspherical lens array
・ Free-form surface lens etc.

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