Fly-eye Lens / Integrator Lens

Fly-eye Lens / Integrator Lens

Fly-eye lenses, also called integrator lenses, have the function of homogenizing the uneven brightness of the light source by arranging multiple single lenses like the compound eye of a fly as the name suggests. They are generally used in pairs.

OGC is a professional and experienced manufacturer of fly-eye lenses and our lenses are used by various applications such as projectors and automotive parts. The direct press manufacturing method that molten glass is pressed by a mold achieves sharp cell boundaries, highly accurate cell curvature and optical axis position.

Aspherical cell shapes such as toroidals and paraboloids are feasible.
Please contact us for large sizes as well. (Outer diameter ~ □ 100 mm).

Utilizing various optical simulations, we propose the optimum fly-eye lens considering performance and cost.

Please feel free to contact us.

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