Borosilicate Glass “H-3-G1” with High Transmission

Borosilicate Glass “H-3-G1” with High Transmission

“H-3-G1” borosilicate glass is high transparent grade glass of “H-3”.

Customized for press molding, “H-3-G1” has excellent moldability and shape processability. Due to its excellent moldability, it is used for various lenses made by OGC direct press molding.
“H-3-G1” can also be used as a pre-form material for precision glass molded glass lens as “H-3-G1” has a coefficient of expansion close to that of cemented carbide, which is used for mold material.

We can provide customized shape and size. Please feel free to contact us.

・ Refractive index: nd 1.492
・ Distribution: vd 64.70
・ Coefficient of thermal expansion: 53×10-7 / K
・ Glass transition point: 490 ℃
・ Young’s modulus: 69GPa

H-3-G1 Glass Data Sheet  [ 603KByte PDF ]

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